How Amazing Websites Can Have Terrible UX

How Amazing Websites Can Have Terrible UX

When designing a website with stunning imagery, along with an innovative way of navigating, it can often be difficult to make sure that the user can accomplish their goals with ease. People often make UX and UI design synonymous, which is a mistake because they are two different philosophies. Some designers are “design-first” while others are “UX-first”. There are many occasions where a website will be the most brilliant, and stunning piece of art that you will ever see in your life, while at the same time, the UX is just plain irrelevant.

Here we will breakdown a website ( is great aesthetic wise, but incredibly hard to use, as well as explain the pain points that this beautiful site has.

Page Speed

Having pretty graphics and sophisticated scripts run throughout your site can come at a cost. Page speed is very important when it comes to your site because it could be the difference between having your users remain on your site or leave. For this particular site, it loads incredibly slow, even on the fastest computers and browsers. When it comes to websites today, people are growing more and more impatient and despite the fact that the visuals are enough for you to slow down when you are viewing it, having your site stutter as you navigate can be quite annoying.

Clunky Navigation

Screenshot Captured Mid Scroll

Familiarity is key when it come to great UX. It is rare to find a website that will take a shot on changing the way someone could navigate a website. 
In this case, the scrollbar is replaced with the ability to zoom in and out of the page. The site can navigated either by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the page, which is again, unnatural, or they can drag the page manually. Fortunately, for people who might be get lost on this page there is a hamburger icon on the top left as well.

This is a very interesting way of giving the user a new way to browse the content on a webpage, but you run the risk of giving users a clunky experience by doing so.


Mobile Screenshot

When scaling your website down for mobile devices, these types of sites start to become more complicated. These beautiful sites as you can probably tell, were designed to be desktop first. On desktop there is plenty of room to utilize and be able to pull off such a design. 

Although the design and navigation remained consistent, The limited screen size made it incredibly hard to enjoy the display on mobile devices.

Lack of Natural Movement

As cool as it is to navigate the website, it is very easy to get lost in the design. There is not much of a guide and it may take an extra few seconds to find what you are looking for. People are used to the typical order of content on a homepage. With the content being a bit more fluid across the page, it takes a minute to get used to controlling the website.

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

There is without a doubt that this is a pretty website that is designed in such a clever way. From a user standpoint, what is the point in setting up a homepage for your business in such a way? Maybe it helps provoke curiosity for some, but for others, it may become a very difficult experience, especially if the user isn’t used to browsing websites at all or are just looking for just some quick info.

It goes to show that websites that push the power of web browsers can be really stunning and impressive. However, it is totally possible to miss the mark entirely when it comes to UX. Whether you should create a website with visuals that will demand plenty of browser power or not, should be determined based on whether or not it is affordable for a typical user to struggle viewing the content of your site. 

On the other hand, it is exciting to see certain that showcase these impressive websites such as AWWWARDS. Looking into what can be done with some of todays technology for websites, can be insightful. There are many web design trends that have emerged in the past from creative websites, such as having a video background in the landing page.

Of course, we will have our standards for web design, such as limited images and navigation, but with the improvements that we are continuously making for the web, and the way people view them, we can start seeing more dynamic and beautiful sites, that will also do very well for user experience.