How to Stand Out as a Freelance Designer

How to Stand Out as a Freelance Designer

In a world where everyone in your industry is competing work, it is very difficult to rack in business for yourself. Surely, one of the answers you get when the question “How do you get those clients?” is asked is that you have to stand out of the competition. The good news is you do not have to be as “super creative” as you think.

Build your brand

There is more than just creating a logo that goes into building a great brand. People need to know what you do, but why you do it, what you stand for, and what type of person you are. As talented as a lot of freelancers can be, only a few manage to build a pretty big brand. In todays time, a great way of doing it is building a strong web presence. Begin connecting people via social media and continue to show off your awesome work. The biggest reason why people fail in freelancing, is simply because they don’t get noticed.

Provide value for free

Designers have been told throughout their careers to never work for free. However, giving away free tools and knowledge is an excellent way for you to stand out.

From writing useful ebooks, to creating a UI kit for an ecommerce app, people can be genuinely appreciative when you can give them a taste of what you can do for free without having to do a full scale project. People may need to stop and think about using your services, but people won’t think twice in taking something that they may find useful for zero cost. Providing free value is an awesome way to showcase your skills and come off as a strong authority in your field.

Specialize in a niche

Out of all the freelancers fighting for clients, very few are actually doing this. Many designers think that the more skills they have to service people, the more likely they are able to get these jobs. The truth is, if you specialize in a skill such as web design, or just video, or infographics, you are actually more likely to win the hearts of clients.

Clients are generally looking for someone to do a particular task and are therefore looking for someone who specializes in achieving that task. Someone who is needing a motion graphics video is more likely going to hire a video only designer rather than hiring someone who has video skills along with ten other skills as advertised. Pick a particular skill, and blow it up as your main strength. You’d be surprised by how many emails you get from people needing that particular skill.

Declare your mission as a designer

What do you hope to achieve when you are helping people with their problem? Are you designing to help tell the story of the business you are helping? Do you love helping companies “refresh” their looks? Designers claim that they love what they do in terms of design, but that does not mean anything to other businesses if you do not have a goal in mind as a designer. Most designers design to make things look pretty. Stand out by stating your main goal as a designer. Why do you design for other people?

Connect with people personally and emotionally

Your best clients are going to be the ones that you deeply care about. Freelancers typically spam others business cards, and love to talk to prospects about themselves and their arsenal of skills and being “salesy”. There is nothing wrong with being a salesman, but keep in mind you are probably not the first person to pitch your design services.

Connect with business owners on a personal level. Be nice to your local business owners, or talk about your similar interests. When they casually find out what you do, work will follow.

Help fellow freelancers

Something that can help you is helping out other freelancers who are either rising or experienced. New or struggling freelancers are too busy trying to get ahead of one another in getting their clients. Very few help others, whether it is referrals or giving simple business tips. You would be surprised by how many people will send work your way just because you helped them out.