Will WYSIWYG Editors Replace Web Designers?

Will WYSIWYG Editors Replace Web Designers?

Source: squarespace.com

As we begin to see more template builders come into fruition, a question that bounces around the web design community is whether or not these site builders are going to replace web designers.

Platforms such as Wix and Squarespace are all easy to use by people with limited computer knowledge, so why bother spending top dollar on web designers?

People can make make good looking sites with these platforms, but these tools are nowhere near a threat. The purpose of a web designer vs the purpose of WYSIWYG tools are entirely different, and are therefore used differently. If anything, web designers could actually benefit greatly with these tools. 

What are WYSIWYG builders.

These are tools that allow people who would like a website for their business but lack knowledge or funding to build a website. These site builders allow people to choose certain templates, plugins, and features by simply dragging and dropping. It allows people to build a website visually and not have to worry about much coding at all. 

Site Builder Example – Source: wix.com

Are WYSIWYG builders a threat to web designers? 

Not really. Site builders cater mostly to people who are just starting out. These sites typically do not hold up strong for very long and will only hold as a short term solution out of the box. Despite how nice you can make these sites look, these platforms do not know the behavior of your users. 

This is the reason why companies like Nike or Walmart do not use site builders, but instead spend millions on a team of designers. It is because “just looking nice” is not going to get them very far. There is way more to web design than just making your site look appealing. 

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Web builders do not have to play the role of the enemy. In fact, website builders can really help even the most talented designers. These tools leave more than enough room to modify and create templates. This can be great because for one, this can greatly expedite the web design process.

Using features such as payment processing plugins, would only take a matter of minutes without having to code up anything from scratch. It can also allow the site owners to update their site comfortably without the help of a webmaster.  

There are a handful of web designers who have shifted their niche to focus on website builders. Even though these site builders make site building look very easy, these experts know what it takes to elevate them and make them as competitive.


WYSIWYG site builders will continue to update and grow, but they will not be the best choice for web design out of the box. Would you want to plan a dinner using a program that allows you to come up with ideas or would you rather sit down with a chef who knows what flavors go together and what would be best for the mood and event? 

The two are used for different purposes and both fulfills separate goals. Because of such disparity, WYSIWG site builders will not impose a threat for the jobs of web designers and developers alike.